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The Lithuanian Geelong Community provides social, cultural and recreational activities for members of the Lithuanian ethnic community and interested others. The community has been operating since 1949 with over 700 people living in the Geelong region. Rebecca participated in national folk dancing and the scout group in her youth. The Lithuanian Community has provided Rebecca with generous financial assistance since 2014.


Science In SPORT

Science in Sport is a nutrition company fuelled by science. I have been using Science in Sport products to fuel my performances for several years. Science in Sport have a number of quality products to support my training and help me perform at my best on race day.

To find out more about Science in Sport and their range of products, visit the Science in Sport website.


The Geelong Lithuanian Sports Club Vytis has been active in the Geelong community for more than sixty years. The club has a rich history of sporting excellence locally, nationally and internationally having competed in the 9th Lithuanian World Games in Klaipėda in 2013. Rebecca has been a member of the club since she was a junior athlete and represented the club in basketball while living in Geelong. 

The club has provided Rebecca with generous financial assistance since 2014.


Craig Weaver has been fixing bodies for more than 20 years. He is based in Geelong, and works with both athletes and in workplaces across Victoria preventing and treating injuries. Craig has a unique style that incorporated elements of osteopathy, massage and Bowen therapy. He has previously worked with the Geelong Football Club and the Lithuanian Cycling Team. Bodyfix has kept my body in working order since I was a junior runner and his hands continue to work magic.


Geelong Logistics is a family owned small business servicing the Geelong and District areas, as well as Melbourne and Regional Victoria. They specialise in door to door deliveries, hire vehicles and road transport solutions. To find out more about Geelong Logistics and their services, visit the Geelong Logistics website.


I am so grateful to the generous individuals who have provided financial assistance for me to chase my dreams. I am glad to have you along for the ride. Thank you!