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Play by the rules

Last night I was introduced to ‘The Rules’. A friend kindly posted the link to my facebook page and requested I pay particular attention to rule numbers 59 and 64. According to said friend they “might help a little”. I know other sports have their rules but none seem to take them as seriously as cycling.

In triathlon you have a set of undefined rules. The ‘all the gear, no idea’ is a personal favourite but of course by the end of my two year foray into the sport, I had become one of those flashy triathletes who only travel with one helmet and set of wheels, so am forced to don the aero helmet and Zipp 404s for the course reconnaissance ride on race eve. In triathlon it is a given that competitors will go out to restaurants on race weekend in their racing flats and Noosa Triathlon visor. If there was a list, I am pretty sure one of the rules near the top would be ‘All triathletes must own a pair of compression socks.’ Yes you look like a tool. Yes we are laughing at you. But the truth is we have all been there.

In cycling there is no such luxury. I have come across many cyclists who could be considered keepers of the rules. They are the ones who scream out commands in races like rule number 59 “Hold your line.” Of course that is one of the two rules I am supposed to be following. Though I am still not entirely sure what a line is so I guess I will have trouble trying to hold it. I have also been lucky to have friends pointing out tips to help my transition into cycling including one who refused to ride with me until I removed the visor from my helmet. Who would have thought there was so much etiquette?

I was devastated to learn last night while studying the rules that I would have permanent tan lines this summer. I had planned to wear micro-mini running socks and roll-up my jersey sleeves but apparently that is not allowed:

RULE 7 – Tan lines should be cultivated and kept razor sharp. Under no circumstances should one be rolling up their sleeves or shorts in an effort to somehow diminish one’s tan lines. Sleeveless jerseys are under no circumstances to be employed.

And of course if I rebelled I would be breaking another rule:

RULE 3 – No matter how good you think your reason is to knowingly breach The Rules, it is never good enough.

It might be time for you to check how compliant you are…

Rebecca Wiasak