Australian Cyclist


What can I say

I am the journalist with no words. Or so my boss liked to call me. He wrote a song about it once. “She writes most of the letters though she’s got few words. I try to help her, but she says I’m absurd. Thinks my words don’t even exist.”

It was a tongue-in-cheek reference to my vocabulary that diminished in the three years I have managed his specialty running shop in Canberra. I have words. I sometimes get paid to write them. But on occasion they fail to come.

I didn’t realise how difficult penning race reports or maintaining a website would be. I have the subject matter and the ability but still I struggle to articulate my thoughts. Maybe it is the pressure. Maybe I think too much.

I have long struggled with the concept of a personal website. Do I deserve one? Do I write news updates or do I blog? Will anyone read it? I guess time will tell.

Rebecca Wiasak